24 Hour Leigh Pest Control Services

Unfortunately, pest infestation is something that many households will face, no matter how well maintained your property may be. It is important that pest removal is done by qualified, professional Leigh pest control experts – ensuring that your problem is gone and stays gone.

Young’s provide expert 24 hour Leigh pest control services, staffed by friendly and helpful professionals, who will provide you with all the support and skills you need to return your property to a pest-free zone. The use of Young’s Pest Control ensures peace of mind, cleanliness and satisfaction – all at a reasonable cost. Below are a small sample of solutions that we provide:

Bedbug Control
One of the most prevalent pests in the UK today, bedbugs can produce bites, rashes and blistering when they ‘feed’ on bed occupants. Their ability to lie dormant for up to 18 months means that they are almost impossible to eradicate without the help of pest removal experts. We will work in conjunction with you to cleanse your bedroom, and to ensure that it stays bedbug-free.

Wasp Removal
Wasps have a nasty habit of nesting close to densely populated areas, and – if stumbled upon inadvertently – can produce a painful sting, possibly even resulting in anaphylactic shock. By its very nature, therefore, dealing with a wasps’ nest can be an incredibly dangerous procedure and should never be attempted without a pest control expert on hand. We have extensive experience in dealing with wasp (and bee) infestations, to keep you and your family safe from stinging.

Rat Infestation
As well as being an annoyance, rats are carriers of many dangerous diseases and, as such, a rat problem should be of major concern. As well as their ability to harm your health, they may also harm your property by gnawing and chewing indiscriminately. These vermin reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate, so it is best to tackle your rat problem as soon as it becomes apparent. Our 24 hour pest control services are always on hand to begin the extermination process, and to make sure that all traces of the rodent – and its family – are removed.

Flea Infestation
Not only can fleas cause irritation and rashes from their bites, they can also transfer disease to both you and your pets. Although there are a number of available ‘do it yourself’ solutions available, it is impossible to ascertain just how serious your flea issue is without enlisting the advice of an expert. Simply call Young’s Pest Control and we will evaluate your problem and recommend the best course of action, based on years of experience in the field. This will guarantee that your family (pets included) are rid of fleas for good.

The above examples are just a small snapshot of what we can do. Our expertise extends to all household pest control situations, so please don’t let a problem fester. Give us a call and we can guarantee you peace of mind.

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